About the RE³ System


What is the RE³ Optimization System?

The RE³ purification systems clean and dry oil and hydraulic fluids at a rated efficiency while extending drainage periods dramatically.  The systems are scalable and adaptable to a wide variety of applications, including gasoline and diesel engines, turbines, transformers, generators and all hydraulic systems. The system extends the life of oil and lubrications, protects the environment and significantly cuts the total cost of ownership through reduced equipment wear and maintenance cost.

How Does it work

The RE³ Optimization Systems are designed with two active oil purification processes.  The first is a specially designed micro glass element that collects particulates.  The second active process is the patented moisture removal chamber.  The fluid passes through the chamber where the moisture is separated from the oil through evaporation and then removed from the system.  These two processes clean the fluid, extend the drainage period and dramatically increase the life of the oil and the equipment.

Advantages of using the RE³ System

-Removes emulisified, dissolved and free water from lubricating fluids.

-Dramatically extends life and efficiency of oil and equipment.

-Achieve greater energy efficiency by reducing the amount of fossil fuels purchased/used and oil disposed of.

Why This Is Important

The effects of water are insidious. Failure due to water contamination may be catastrophic, but it may not be immediate. Many failures blamed on lubricants are truly caused by excess water.

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The RE³ Optimization System is taylored to fit your industries needs while serving a cross section of all markets.

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Demo Unit

This demo unit represents your oil resevoir(clear glass tank) with the H2 Conserver unit installed. Notice the contaminated oil being recycled back to its original state. 

(This video is time lapsed for presentation purposes)