Environmental Impact


The dumping of used oil-based fluids is a major contributor to the destruction of ecosystems.  Used oil can have multiple consequences for both humans and natural systems.  Statistics show that almost half of used oil ends up in landfills, sewers or directly in the environment.  Oil concentrations as small as 1 part per million (ppm) can contaminate drinking water supplies for 50 families for a year.  For mammals and birds, harmful impacts may include toxic contamination, destruction of food supply and destruction of central nervous systems.   The Conserver® purification system extends the drainage period of lubricating oil and therefore reduces the amount of lubricating oil that is purchased and the amount of used oil requiring disposal.  The life of the oil and the drainage period are extended by the Conserver® system's ability to extract water from the oil and collect damaging particulates.  The Conserver® system is not only eco-friendly it is an eco-advocate.