Universal Application

Our focus is creating tailored units for every customer. The RE³ purification systems clean and dry oil and hydraulic fluids at a rated efficiency while extending drainage periods dramatically. The systems are scalable and adaptable to a wide variety of applications, including gasoline and diesel engines, turbines, transformers, generators and all hydraulic systems. We use our technical knowledge, application expertise, and production and engineering capabilities to consistently deliver quality, high-performance products that will fit any industries needs. Industries that we currently service consist of: 

Industrial & Manufacturing


Turbines, Generators, and gearboxes depend on clean, dry, moisture free oil to function at peak performance. Allow the RE³ patented systems to remove dissolved, emulsified and free water from your equipment 24/7.   

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Using the RE³ Oil Purification System on diesel, gasoline, or compressed natural gas engines will save millions of gallons of fossil fuels, and increase the life of the engine!

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Construction equipment is some of the hardest working machinery expected to operate in the harshest conditions. The RE³ patented systems allow these machines to function at peak performance while extending the lubricated components life.

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From personal fishing boats to commercial cruise ships, RE³ offers a variety of optimization systems. These systems extend the life of your oil while also making sure it stays clean and water free. 

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Land & Offshore Oil & Gas Equipment


Equipment used in drilling operations require ongoing maintenance for various pumping and processing systems. RE³ offers multiple units based on their needs. 

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Critical Services


Hospital, R&D facilities and data centers all require reliable power backup capabilities. RE³ offers 24/7 reliable generator response by keeping their oil clean, dry and ready to perform!

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