Zachary P. Hubbard, Lieutenant Colonel US Army (doc)




Alaska West Express

 "I am happy to report we are still operating the trucks with the NextGen system. Since the test began we have accumulated 522K miles on one of the trucks and 581K miles on the second for a total of over 1.1 million miles. We have had the rod and main bearings inspected on both units at around the 345K mile mark and found absolutely no indication of wear.       

We have since installed the NextGen system on 8 of our Freightliner Cascadia Tractors equipped with Detroit Diesel DD15 Engines. To date we have accumulated 2,423,000 miles combined on these trucks. Mileage on these units range from 120k to 386k. We have had one truck into the dealer with an engine oil pump pick-up tube problem. The warranty requirement was for the dealer to remove and inspect the crank bearings whenever the low oil pressure fault exists. The dealer was unable to find any wear in the bearings and reinstalled them.  At this point we have considered the test concluded with extremely positive results. We are currently in the process of retrofitting the remainder of our fleet with the H2 NextGen filter."  

•Miles with NextGen systems: 3,523,000

•Oil Changes "Not Performed" due to the filtration Systems: 118  

• Savings, Parts & Labor: $34,220


Arbco Industries, LLC

"Dear Mr. Canovali,  

ARBCO WHEELS was facing excessive moisture and particulates in our hydraulic systems, and the challenge for Next Generation Conserver systems was to convince me that the Conserver© units would reduce the moisture and particulates to an acceptable level.  

After discussions and experiencing the demonstration on how your system removed the water and particulates from the hydraulic fluid I was very impressed and after further discussion with my plant personnel we decided to have your firm design a system to clean our hydraulic fluid.  

We have a unique environment where our manufacturing creates a large amount of particulates. We had been filling totes and sending them out for cleaning at a significant cost and your firm convinced us that the Conserver© units would drastically improve the life efficiencies of both our hydraulic fluid and our equipment.  

In April of this year you quoted a unit that we decided to move forward with. When the unit was installed you reviewed step by step with our plant personnel how the unit functioned and answered all our questions. After installation and initial use, the follow up calls and support visits to help us use the unit properly were top notch.

After performing oil analysis my staff and I were extremely impressed with the results that we were receiving from your oil purification system. In a little over a month we have realized a savings of almost 30 percent of our original investment. We will have an ROI in less than 6 months. We are also very excited about having Next Generation Filtration Systems quoting additional equipment in other parts of our plant.  

We are looking forward to the continued positive results and thank for your personalized service."