RE3 optimization systems - a revolution in oil purification

The RE3 Conserver® purification system extends the life of lubricating oil and hydraulic fluids, protects the environment, and significantly cuts the total cost of ownership through reduced equipment wear and maintenance cost. The Conserver® purification system is a revolution in fluid purification.

Our Product - The Conserver

The most advanced oil and hydraulic fluid purification system to maximize fluid and equipment life.
RE3 Optimization Systems - A Revolution in Oil Purification

The Conserver® Purification System - There is no contaminant or catalyst more complex or destructive than water in oil, whether it is free or soluble. Oil doesn’t get old; it gets contaminated. The Conserver® purification system, through its highly advanced two-stage system, continuously keeps oil and hydraulic fluid clean and extends their life cycle. By reducing the contaminants and catalyst that deteriorates these fluids, the Conserver® will dramatically extend the life of the oil or hydraulic fluid in equipment and engines.The Conserver® purification systems are scalable and adaptable to a wide variety of applications, including: Gearboxes, Reservoirs, Hydraulic Systems, Generators, Transformers, and Turbines.

  • Conserver® System – Model CU3DA
  • Conserver® System – Model CU4DA
  • Mobile Conserver® System – Model FCU3E
  • Conserver® System – Model CU2DA Plus More!!!

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Large International Company Purchases The Conserver® System

A large US diversified company and producer of electrical turbines has purchased Conserver® units for their plant for multiple applications!

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